Configuring Your World

After starting the Active World Server for the first time, the next thing you will probably want to do is to customize some or all of the world options. These are options affecting the appearance and access restrictions of your world, and are modified from within the Outerworlds Browser itself.

Start up the Outerworlds Browser and log in to Outerworlds. To enter your world, go to the Teleport Menu, select To..., and type in the name of your world.

Note that if your world is empty and private (i.e. closed to the public) it may not display in the World list on the left side of the browser window.

If this is first time you have run your world, an empty world with a single street object should appear shortly. This street object will be your starter object for building all future objects in your world, so don't delete it!.

To begin customizing your world, go to the World Features dialog (select World -> Features... from the Options Menu.) If this option is not enabled in the menu, then you have not are not using an account that has caretaker privileges in your world, in which case you must either change accounts, or add the citizen number for your current account to the [rights] section of the world.ini file.

After setting the various options, you may also want to give certain people special rights in your world. To do this, go to the World Rights dialog (select World -> Rights... from the Options Menu.) This is also the place where you designate your world as a public or private world.