Welcome to Outerworlds!

These help files can help you learn about many of the things you can do with Outerworlds. You'll learn how to enter the Outerworlds universe, how to move and teleport, how to change your view, how to build, how to talk to other users, and how you can use a web browser to view homepages and other HTML documents. You'll also get information on sound and music and other actions that you can assign to Outerworlds objects.

The Outerworlds Browser

The Outerworlds Browser is the software that you use to visit Outerworlds virtual environments. An Active World is a place that you inhabit along with other users who are logged in to the Active World at the same time as you are. You can communicate with other users, and you can see their avatars. Many Outerworlds let you build, and whatever you build is visible to all others who visit that Active World. In short, an Active World is a shared experience using the Outerworlds Browser as an intermediary and common language. Each Active World may be subtly or radically different, but the Browser can take you to all of them. As the Outerworlds Universe continues to expand, your Outerworlds Browser can take you from place to place quickly and easily, and you'll be able to see new places and talk to new people.

Getting started

If you haven't started the Outerworlds software yet and need instructions, Click here.

If you are already running Outerworlds, Click here to learn how to move around.

Are you new to Internet chat? Click here for some helpful tips.