Integrated Web Browser

If you have Internet Explorer from Microsoft installed on your PC, Outerworlds will use it to display web pages in a window contained within the Outerworlds browser itself. This is a powerful and easy way to view web content alongside the 3D content of Outerworlds. Many citizens and world owners have augmented their 3D creations with links to web pages. If you are not using the integrated web browser, you are missing out on a substantial portion of the Outerworlds experience!

The web browser can be turned on and off from the Show Menu or from the Show Web button in the toolbar (not available in simple mode.)

If you do not have Internet Explorerô installed on your PC, we recommend that you download and install it. If you are a Netscape user, you can continue to use Netscape to view web pages outside of Outerworlds, even if you have Internet Explorer installed. Internet Explorer does not need to be your default web browser in order for Outerworlds to take advantage of its functionality. It simple needs to be present on your PC.

Why we don't support Netscape

Actually, we do support Netscape. If you absolutely do not want Internet Explorer installed on your PC, you can still use Netscape to view web pages in Outerworlds. However, to do so you must separately start up Netscape and run it concurrently with Outerworlds (we do not recommend this on PCs with less than 32 megabytes of RAM.) If Netscape is running, Outerworlds will send the URLs it encounters to the Netscape browser for display. You will have to switch back and forth between Outerworlds and Netscape in order to view the web pages.

What we can't do is run Netscape inside Outerworlds the way we do with Internet Explorer. This is because the integrated web page window is implemented using ActiveX. Internet Explorer is capable of running inside other applications as an ActiveX control, while the Netscape browser is not.