The Visible Command


    visible [name] flag


The visible command makes an object either visible or invisible. All objects are visible by default. When an object is invisible, it cannot be seen nor clicked on by users. However, it can still be bumped. Thus, a common use for the visible command is to plant invisible "trigger" objects in a world that trigger certain actions (web pages, sounds, etc.) when a user walks over them.

The optional name argument specifies the name of the object to be made visible or invisible. Object names are assigned via the name command. If omitted, the visible command applies to this object.

The flag argument is required and specifies whether the object should be made visible or invisible. flag can be either "on", "true", or "yes" to make an object visible, and either "off", "false", or "no" to make an object invisible.

Note: a problem in earlier versions of Outerworlds with using the visible command on "facer" objects was resolved in Outerworlds 3.0. In 3.0 and later it is now safe to use the visible command on facers.


    create visible off

This creates an invisible object.

    bump visible sign on

This creates an object which when bumped makes the object named "sign" visible. The "sign" object in turn would have an action like this:

    create name sign, visible off