Visibility in Outerworlds

"Visibility" refers to how far away you can "see" in the current world. For example, a visibility of 40 meters means that you can see every object that is 40 meters away or closer. Any object further than 40 meters away will not be visible. The reason that visibility in Outerworlds is adjustable is that there is always a trade off between how far you can see and your current frame rate. The further away you can see, the more objects will be visible, and the lower your frame rate will be as a result. Depending on what you are doing at the time, there are some cases where a high frame rate is more desirable than being able to see far away, and other cases where being able to see far away is more important that achieving a high frame rate. Outerworlds currently allows you to see objects that are up to 200 meters away.

The current visible range can be adjusted from the Visibility Menu which allows you to quickly and easily change the current visible range without having to go to the Performance Settings and change it permanently.

World caretakers can also set a Minimum Visibility for their worlds under the World Features. This setting allows caretakers to choose a minimum visible range for all visitors to a world, for those worlds that require a certain distance to be visible at all times in order to work properly.