The URL Command


    url address [target=frame]


The URL command displays a web page in the integrated web browser. For example, you could have an object display the Outerworlds Corp. web page when clicked on by using the following action:

    activate url

You can also use URLs of the form ftp:// to allow people to download files, or use mailto: URLs to send email.

If the Allow "create url" option is disabled in a world, you cannot combine the URL command with a create trigger on objects in that world.

The optional target= argument allows you to specify the name of a target frame in the current web page to send the URL to. If the specified frame does not exist in the current web page, this will cause an external web window to be spawned to contain the new URL. Note: the target= argument only works in conjunction with the integrated web browser. It will not work with external web browsers such as Netscape, whose inter-process communication protocol does not support sending URLs to specific target frames.

New in 3.3: you can now specify the special target keyword aw_3d with the url command. This causes the triggered web page to replace the 3D window instead of being sent to a separate web window. For example:

    activate url target=aw_3d

Once the 3D window has been replaced with a web page, it can be restored by clicking on the large X button in the upper right corner of the new web page.