Setting Up Your Universe

After you have installed and started your UniServer, the next thing you'll need to do is configure the Outerworlds Browser in order to access it.

First, download and install the latest Outerworlds Browser. It is best to install the browser into a fresh, empty directory. You may encounter problems if you install on top of an existing browser installation that has already been used to access another universe.

Do not choose to start the browser automatically at the end of the installation; instead, exit the install without launching the browser.

By default, the Outerworlds Browser will attempt to access the Outerworlds Corp. main Universe on startup. You will need to modify the aworld.ini file to access your UniServer instead.

To customize your browser, add the following two lines to the top of the aworld.ini file:

host=domain name or IP address of the UniServer machine

for example:


We recommend using a fully qualified domain name instead of an IP address, if possible. That way, if you need to relocate your UniServer to a different machine at a later date, you can simply adjust the DNS record for that domain name and your users will switch to the new machine automatically. If you hard code a raw IP address, it will be very difficult to ever transparently move your universe to another server machine.

Entering your universe for the first time

After making the above edits to aworld.ini, save your changes and start your browser. If all works correctly, you will first see the welcome screen.

Enter your universe as a tourist. Since there are no worlds running yet, you will just see a blank blue screen in the 3D window. Immigrate to your universe by pressing the "Immigrate" button in the toolbar. Since this is the first time your universe has been run, you will be immigrating as citizen #1. Citizen #1 is the "root" citizen of a universe and has unrestricted access to all universe and world configuration options. Be sure to carefully restrict access to this account!

Creating a world license for your first world

Before you can start your first world (and, in the Galxerver configuration, your only world), you will have to create a license for it. Since you have just immigrated as citizen #1, you can now access the world license dialog. Go to the Options Menu in the browser and bring up the World License Dialog by selecting Universe -> Worlds.

In the World License Dialog, decide on a name and password for you new world, and choose an appropriate size and maximum user count. Enter this information into the dialog and press "Add". You will now be able to run your first world server in this universe.

Installing and configuring the World Server

Download and install the latest Outerworld