The Texture Command


    texture texture [mask=mask] [tag=tag] [name=name]


Note: this is a new command which requires build 305 or later of the Outerworlds Browser

The texture command assigns a new texture to the object. The texture is applied to every polygon on the object unless the tag= argument is specified.

The texture argument specifies the name of the texture to apply. The texture must be on the world's object path.

The optional mask argument specifies the name of a mask to apply to the texture.

The optional tag argument specifies the numeric tag of the polygon to apply the texture to. Note that using tags does not allow the simultaneous application of different textures to different polygons on the same object; only one "texture" command can be in effect at a time.

The optional name argument specifies the name of the object to apply the texture to. Object names are assigned via the name command.

Note that the texture command will not work predictably on objects that do not have proper UV texture values specified for the vertices of the object.


    create texture brick

This applies the texture brick.jpg to all polygons of the current object.

    activate texture name=wall brick

This creates an object which when clicked on changes the texture of any objects nearby named "wall" to brick.