The Teleport List


The various locations you have saved as Teleports from the Teleport Menu are displayed in a scrollable list, as shown here. To teleport to any of your saved locations, simply left-click on the name of the teleport.

Right-clicking on any of your saved locations brings up a pop-up menu with several additional options:

Rename lets you change the name of an existing teleport.

Delete removes a teleport from the list.

Teleport...brings up the Teleport dialog which allows you to modify the teleport before carrying it out.

Teleport Forward and Teleport Back move you back and forth between locations currently on your teleport stack.

Teleport Home takes you to your Outerworlds home location. This is the location at which you start out when first entering Outerworlds.

Remember... allows you to save your current location as a new teleport on the list.