Using teleporter objects in Outerworlds

Look for the cone-shaped teleport booths or other teleport objects (chosen in each world by its builder): these act as teleporters that can take you to faraway sections of the Outerworlds Universe. If you move your mouse cursor over a teleporter, its description field will usually tell you where that teleporter goes.

To teleport to a distant location, walk right into a teleporter. Don't use the SHIFT key or the teleporter won't work!

Most of the time you can also just left-click once on the teleporter object and you'll be on your way.

The World List

You can also teleport to any world by clicking on the world name in the world list.

The Teleport Menu

You can use Back button or the Teleport menu to get back from a teleport, in effect 'undoing' the teleport. Use the Forward button or the Teleport menu to 'redo' teleports again. You can go forward or back through multiple teleport locations, and get back to where you started even if you've teleported through many different locations.

Note that short-distance teleports or warps (less than 100 meters horizontally) won't register in the list of places you can go back to. This is so that the various warp-driven rollercoasters don't generate a long list of short teleports, which would make it difficult to get back to the start of the ride.