You can send short messages to other citizens in Outerworlds regardless of where they are currently located, or even if they are not logged in. These messages are called Telegrams. To send someone a telegram, they must be on your contact list. Right-click on their name and select Send telegram.

Beginning with Outerworlds 3.3, it is now possible to block telegrams from the contact list. If you attempt to telegram someone who has you blocked, you will be notified of the block as soon as you try to send the message.

If the recipient is logged in and is accepting telegrams from you, they will receive the telegram immediately. If they are not logged in, the telegram will be saved and delivered to them the next time they log in. Undelivered telegrams are saved by the system for up to 28 days.

When you receive a telegram, you will see the message "You have a telegram" from the Operator in your chat window. To read the telegram, click on the Telegram tab in the window on the left. The telegram you have just received, along with any other previous telegrams you have saved, will be listed in the window. Unread telegrams are indicated by a red star. To read your new telegram, or any telegram for that matter, simply click on the name of the sender. The telegram will be printed in red to the chat window.

After reading a telegram, you can delete it or reply to it. To delete it, either hit the delete key, or right-click on the telegram and select Delete. To reply to a telegram, right-click and select Reply... You can also press the Enter key to display the currently selected telegram to the chat window.

To send or receive telegrams, you must be a citizen.

A telegram cannot be more than 1000 characters long.