The Tabs Window

The tabs window displays several different types of useful information:

The tabs window is not visible by default in simple mode. It can be turned on from the Show Menu or by pressing the F9 key. When active, it can display five different types of information:

  • The world list - A list showing all of the worlds running in the current universe, and how many people are in each world

  • The contact list - A list of your friends and aquaintances in Outerworlds whom you would like to keep in touch with (available for citizens only)

  • The help files - A complete list of all the Outerworlds help files organized in a simple hierarchy by topic

  • Telegrams - A list of all the telegrams you have received from other users (available for citizens only)

  • Teleports - A list of your favorite locations within Outerworlds that you have saved for future reference