Browser Settings

To change the settings of your browser, select Settings... from the Options menu.

This dialog allows you to choose from several different groups of options that can be adjusted:

  • General: allows you to adjust various miscellaneous options, including whether sound is currently enabled, and also your preferred maximum rating.

  • Performance: allows you to adjust several parameters that can affect the performance (or "frame rate") of Outerworlds.

  • Disk Usage: allows you to control how much disk space Outerworlds uses to cache 3D art to disk.

  • Video: allows you to choose between Direct3D, OpenGL, or software mode for rendering 3D graphics.

  • Downloads: allows you to limit the maximum size of certain types of files that are downloaded from the web.

  • Privacy: allows you to limit certain types of information that other Outerworlds users can learn about you..

  • Chat: allows you to set various options related to avatars and chatting with other users.

  • Web: allows you to control how Outerworlds displays web pages.

  • Advanced: allows you to adjust certain advanced options, including which message file is currently in use.