Shared Privileges

Shared Privileges allow you to acquire the rights and privileges of another citizen, without actually becoming them.

When you acquire the privileges of another citizen, you "act as" them wherever issues of ownership or permission are concerned. You can enter a world if they can, you can change their property, and if you build anything it will be owned by them. If they have eminent domain in a world, or any other special rights, you will inherit those rights, including public speakership. At the same time you will lose any special rights you may have had. However during all this time if you chat with other people you will retain your own name.

In order for someone to acquire your privileges, you need to specify an additional privilege password in the Citizen Attributes dialog. You then give this password to the other person, who then goes to the Acquire Privileges dialog where they enter your citizen name and the privilege password you just gave them.

The primary purpose of Shared Privileges is to allow you to share your account with other people without the danger of losing it. The privilege password alone does not allow anyone to change anything about your account. Also, when multiple people are sharing the same account in this manner, they still retain their own individual names when they speak.