The Privacy dialog allows you to control some of the information which other citizens of Outerworlds can learn about you. It also lets you control who can and cannot send you files. To adjust your privacy settings, go to the Options menu and select Settings..., then click on the Privacy tab:

You can set your join privacy to one of three different levels:

  • Allow anyone to join me: this means any citizen can join you, whether you know them or not.
  • Only allow citizens on my contact list to join me: this means that only those citizens who are on your contact list will be able to join you.
  • Don't allow anyone to join me: this will prevent anyone from joining you.

If you either the first or second option, you can also set it to always ask you for permission before allowing someone to join you by checking the Verify all join requests option.

The File Transfer settings work the same as for Join. You can choose to allow everyone, no one, or only those people on your contact lists to be able to send you files. Note that for security reasons, you will always be asked to verify a file transfer requests before it is accepted.

By default, if someone else has you on their contact list, they will be able to see what world you are in when you are logged in. You can hide this information by checking the Don't let them see the world I'm currently in option.