The Picture Command


    picture url [update=seconds] [name=name]


The picture command downloads the specified JPEG image from the web and places it on the object. This command works only on certain picture objects which were created with a specially tagged polygon with a tag value of 200.

The url argument specifies the image to display. It can be either relative or absolute. Relative URL's are treated as relative to that world's object path. The image must be in the JPEG file format.

The optional update argument specifies an update interval for the image in seconds, after which the picture will automatically reload itself. This is useful when the URL refers to an online webcam or other image that is frequently changing.

Although the original JPEG image can be any size, the pictures are automatically resized to conform to local texture dimension requirements (see textures for more information.) In general, keep in mind that larger JPEG originals will require larger textures to display and thus will take up more video memory. Using too many large JPEGs on your pictures can significantly reduce performance for your visitors. Thus, you should always try to use the smallest original JPEG images possible for your pictures.

Note that when linking to absolute URLs, maximum size limits may apply.


    create picture

This places a copy of the Outerworlds logo on a picture object.

Important Note About Pictures!

The purpose of this command is to allow you to customize your building with your own personal images and artwork. It should be treated exactly the same as the HTML <img> tag; in other words, it is not appropriate to link to images and files on other people's web sites without their permission. This can cause their web servers to experience extra load and possibly cost them money unfairly. A good rule to follow is: when in doubt, you should only link to images on your own website. Also, remember that many images on the web are protected by copyrights. Linking to these images without the owner's permission, whether on your web site or theirs, is illegal and could subject you to criminal prosecution!

Also, always keep in mind that content guidelines may be in effect in the world you are building in! If they are, linking to obscene, offensive or otherwise inappropriate images may cause your property to be removed or your account to be deleted without warning!