The Noise Command


    noise URL [overlap]


Note: the noise command has been extended in Outerworlds 3.1. The new extensions (noted below) require 3.1 or later in order to function.

The noise command is similar to the sound command, except that the invoked sound plays on top of any other sound currently playing. Unlike sounds, noises are not localized in the 3D scene and thus always play at a constant volume. Noises are intended for providing short, quick sound effects (e.g. a door opening) that uses should hear despite what other sounds may currently be in effect nearby.

In previous versions of Outerworlds, noises would interrupt any other sounds in order to play. Beginning with Outerworlds 3.1, noises are played on top of any other sounds currently in effect, including other noises.

The optional overlap flag is new in Outerworlds 3.1 and indicates what to do when the same noise is triggered repeatedly, for example when a noise is used with the activate trigger and the user clicks on the object repeatedly before the previous noise has had a chance to finish. By default, in this case the subsequent noises are ignored if the previous noise is still playing; however, if overlap is specified, all additional invocations of the same noise will "overlap" simultaneously.

As with the sound command, URL can either be the name of a sound local to that world (i.e. a sound located in the "sound" folder of the world's object path) or it can be an absolute URL to a .wav, .mid, or .mp3 file anywhere on the World Wide Web.

Support for MP3 files with the noise command is new in Outerworlds 3.1 and will not work with previous versions. See MP3 support for more on using MP3 files in Outerworlds.

Note that when linking to absolute URLs, maximum size limits may apply.


    bump noise open.wav

This creates an object that will immediately play the sound file "open.wav" when the object is bumped.

    activate noise slam.mp3 overlap

This creates an object that will immediately play the sound file "slam.mp3" when the object is clicked on. If the object is clicked on repeatedly, it will play slam.mp3 again for each click, even if the previous slam.mp3 has not yet finished.