Multiple Object Selection



In Outerworlds you can select, move, and delete an unlimited number of objects all at once.

To select more than one object at time, simply hold down the SHIFT key as you right-click on objects. You will see a yellow box around each object you have selected. Once you have multiple objects selected, you can hit "delete" to delete all of them at once, or you can use any combination of the standard building keys (arrows, +/-, and PgUp/PgDn) to move them all simultaneously. You can even duplicate ("Insert" key or mousewheel click) the entire set of objects.

If more than one object is rotated simultaneously, the rotation occurs around their common center.

You can also select all the objects in an entire cell (10 x 10 meter area) by holding down CTRL and right-clicking on any object in the cell. This is useful for selecting all the objects in an entire building easily. This is also quite handy for locating invisible or difficult-to-select objects. You can use CTRL and SHIFT together to quickly select all of the objects in a large area.

When moving multiple objects, behind the scenes each object is moved individually even though the operation appears to take place all at once. There is always the possibility that some of the objects cannot be moved to their new location due to encroachment or area full conditions. If this occurs, you will wind up with some of your objects moved and others not moved. Thus care should be taken when moving large numbers of objects at once, especially in densely built areas.