Login Dialog

The Login Dialog is accesed by selecting Citizen... from the Login Menu:

If you are like most citizens and only have a single account, you will not normally need to ever use this dialog box. However if you happen to have access to multiple citizen accounts, you can use this dialog to switch between them on the fly.

If the Remember password for next time box is checked when you use this dialog, the account will be saved as your default identity and your password will be saved to disk so that you will automatically be logged in under this account the next time you start Outerworlds. If you would prefer to type in your password by hand each time you start Outerworlds, be sure to leave this box unchecked.

Recovering your password

If you cannot remember your password, you can recover your password automatically if you are still receiving email at the email address you specified at Immigration time. Simply bring up this dialog, enter your citizen name in the Name field, and press the I forgot button next to the Password field. A new dialog box will come up asking you to confirm the email address for this account. Enter your email address and press Okay. If the email address you entered matches the email address for the citizen name you specified, an email containing your password will be emailed to that address.