Installing the Outerworlds Server (Windows 95/98/NT)

These installation instructions require that you have downloaded the latest Windows version of the Outerworlds Server Software from our web site at

Unless you have access to your own Outerworlds Universe, you must also have purchased an Outerworlds Server license from Outerworlds Corp. and have received a valid name and password for your world. For more information on acquiring a license for your world, see our server web page.

The Windows version of the Outerworlds Server is shipped as a self-installing archive. Simply double-click on the .exe file and follow the instructions on your screen. The installer will prompt you for the world name and world password provided to you when you registered your world. It will also ask you for your citizen number so that you can be the caretaker for your world. If you don't know your citizen number, it is displayed in the Citizen Attributes dialog.

The install program creates a new Windows program group called "Outerworlds Server". To start the server, go to this group and select "world". Note that your PC must be connected to the Internet in order for the server to start.

Before starting the server, you should consider activating the automatic backup feature. You are strongly encouraged to make use of this feature, as accidents do happen and world data is occasionally lost due to file corruption, disk failure, etc. If the server database files are accidentally damaged or deleted and you do not have a backup, all of the building in your world will be lost and cannot be recovered! See the section on automatic backups for instructions on how to activate this feature.

After installing and starting your world, the next thing you'll want to do is customize it.