General Settings

The General settings are accessed from the Settings dialog.


This section allows you to turn sound in Outerworlds on and off. There are two types of sounds in Outerworlds: music, which comes from MIDI files downloaded from the World Wide Web, and sound effects, which come from WAV and MP3 files (also downloaded from the web).


This section has a checkbox which allows you to invert the mouse's "Y-axis" when using the mouse in freelook mode. When the Y-axis is inverted, moving the mouse up will lower your viewpoint, and moving the mouse down will raise it. Some people feel that having the Y-axis inverted is more intuitive, perhaps because it causes the mouse to behave similar to the yoke on an airplane.

Maximum Rating

This section allows you to select your preferred maximum world rating. Simply click on the rating drop-down to change your maximum rating.