File Transfer

In Outerworlds you can send files directly to other users. To send files to someone, they must be on your contact list. Also, for security reasons, by default you must also be on their contact list! To send someone files, right-click on their name and select Send File.... You can only send someone files if they are currently online.

Sending files works much like joining in that when you attempt to send someone a file, they are first given an opportunity to accept or reject your request. If they accept your offer, the file transfer dialog will appear for both the sender and the receiver:

Once this dialog is up, you select the files to send by pressing the Select Files button. If you have multiple files to send, you can select all of them to be sent at once. Once the file or files are selected, press the Send button to begin the transfer. As the files are being transferred, a progress bar will display the percentage complete and the current transfer rate will also be displayed in K bytes per second.

Once the transfer is complete, you can leave this dialog box open for as long as you like and send additional files to the same user later. If either you or the recipient closes the dialog, however, the link will terminate and you will have to re-establish the connection like you did the first time in order to send additional files.

You can control who can and cannot send you files from the Privacy Dialog.

To send or receive files, you must be a registered citizen.

File Transfer and Firewalls

The file transfer function requires the ability to establish a direct TCP connection across the internet between the sending and the receiving computer. Firewalls and proxy servers will often interfere with this ability. In particular, if you are running Outerworlds from behind a firewall that does not allow inbound TCP connections to be created, you will not be able to send files to other users.

Important Note About File Transfer!

Be aware that damaging programs such as computer viruses can be communicated to your computer from other users by sending files. For this reason, if you are offered a file from someone you do not know and trust very well, you are strongly encouraged to reject the file!

In particular, never run executable programs (e.g. files ending in the .exe extension) sent to you by another user. Once running, executable programs can do anything to your computer, including (for example) deleting your entire hard disk!

WARNING: Deliberately sending damaging computer viruses or other programs to other users in Outerworlds is a very serious offense and will be grounds for immediate termination of your account. Furthermore, such action may be a prosecutable criminal offense. If Outerworlds Corp. determines that you are responsible for deliberately communicating viruses or any other kind of damaging software (including, but not limited to, "trojan horses" and/or other "back door" hacking programs) to other users in Outerworlds we may, at our discretion, turn all relevant details of your account over to law enforcement authorities for criminal prosecution.