Building FAQ


Q. How do I build?

A. Building in Outerworlds is easy, but like any new activity it requires spending a little bit of time to learn the basics. Start by reading our detailed Building Guide and then check this FAQ if you have further questions. Also, our Worldbuilders newsgroup is an excellent place to seek help from other experienced Outerworlds builders.

Q. Can other people change my property?

A. Not if you are a citizen. As a citizen, anything you build is uniquely stamped with your citizen number from that point on. Should anyone else try to delete or move your object, they will receive an error.

Q. Someone else's objects are in my way. Can Outerworlds Corp. delete them for me?

A. Not at this time. In this situation, your best bet is to attempt to contact the owner of the property directly (try using a telegram) and asking them if they will move it or delete it.

Q. I'd like my friend to build on my property. Is there a way I can do this without giving him or her my password?

A. Consider using a privilege password if you want someone else to be able to build or change your own property. Never give your password to anyone!

Q. What does the error "You are not allowed to encroach into another's property" mean?

A. Encroaching occurs when you try to build too close to someone else's property. Remember that you cannot place your own objects anywhere above or below the property of others, even if their property is far up in the sky or far underground. The best way to avoid this problem is to start your building projects far away from anyone else's property to begin with.

Q. What does "Only registered objects can be used for construction" mean?

A. "Registered objects" are objects that have been approved for building with in a particular world by the world's owner(s). In most public building worlds, you can only build with registered objects. The most common cause for this error is mis-typing an object name while placing a new object. Contact the world's owner for a list of all registered objects.

Q. What does the error "Try building somewhere else because this area is full" mean?

A. This error means that the 10 x 10 meter area that you are building in has reached its maximum data capacity (also known as the cell data limit). You will not be able to place any more objects into this area. You can try deleting other nearby objects in order to make room. Also, the contents of the "Action" and "Description" fields contribute directly to the amount of a data in a cell, so the less you place in these fields, the more objects you will be able to build in a single location.

Q. What does the error "Sorry, you are not allowed to use special commands in this world" mean?

A. This error means you tried to build an object with a special command in a world that does not allow you to do so. Most AW public building worlds do not allow the use of special commands because they can be used to vandalize other peoples' property.

Q. Why doesn't the command "create light color=black" make objects darker?

A. Lights (in AW and in the real world) are purely additive...meaning they can only add additional brightness to objects they shine on, never take away. Furthermore, colored lights will only increase the brightness of the corresponding colors in the objects that they shine on (which is why, for example, a pure red light will have no effect on a pure blue object, because blue objects are blue precisely because they only reflect blue light and absorb everything else.) A "black" light, by definition, has no color, so it has no effect on anything that it shines on.