Ejecting Users

Certain users have the power to Eject other users from a world. The cause for ejection from a particular world is up to the ejector, but it is generally a good idea to save the Eject button for those users who are being offensive and/or abusive towards others.

To give a citizen the power to eject other users from a world, the world's caretaker must place the citizen's citizen number in the "Eject" field of the World Rights. Note that if you have the power to eject, you will see the names of all visitors to your world immediately (instead of only after they have spoken.)

The ejection function is available from the avatar pop-up menu. If you have the right to eject you will see an additional Eject... option in this menu. Select this option and you will see the following dialog box:

To eject the person you just clicked on, simply press the Eject button. You can also select the duration of the ejection. The default is five minutes. When you eject someone, they will see the message "You have been ejected from [world]" on their screen (where [world] is the name of the world they were ejected from). They will be forced to return to the previous world they came from. If they try to re-enter the world again while the ejection is still in effect, they will receive the same message.

The eject dialog also allows caretakers and users with eject privileges to query the IP address of other users. This can sometimes be useful for tracking the identity of users who are switching names in an attempt to remain anonymous; in extreme cases, it can even be used to file complaints with their ISP (Internet Service Provider.) The IP address of the user whose avatar was initially selected is always displayed by default. You can also enter the name of another user and press the Lookup IP button to query their IP address. Note that you do not need to actually eject someone in order to look up their address. To leave this dialog without ejecting the user, simply press Cancel.

Right-clicking on the IP address field allows you to copy the IP address to the clipboard for pasting into other applications.

Note: World caretakers cannot be ejected from this dialog.

How Eject Works

Ejections work by placing a block in that world on the IP address of the user. In addition, beginning with Outerworlds 3.3, ejecting a user will also place a block on that user's computer ID if one is available (not all PCs have them), and thirdly, if the user is a citizen, a block will also be placed on their citizen number.

The ejections which are currently in effect in a world are stored in a database by the world server. World caretakers can use the Ejections Dialog to view, add, change, or delete ejections.