Download Settings

The Download settings are accessed from the Settings dialog.

As explained in the dialog box itself, in Outerworlds, just as on a web page, it is possible to link sounds and pictures from anywhere on the web to objects. When you encounter one of these objects, your browser will attempt to download it. Since these files can come from anywhere, they can sometimes be very large, or unpleasant or even offensive in nature.

This dialog box allows you to control whether these externally linked files are downloaded by your browser, and if so, the maximum file size that will be downloaded.


Pictures are simply JPEG files on the World Wide Web that are downloaded and displayed on objects. Pictures are attached to objects using the picture command. The default maximum JPEG file size that will be downloaded is 100K.


Audio files are WAV or MIDI files that are linked to objects using the either the sound or noise command. The default maximum WAV or MIDI file size that will be downloaded is 150K.