The Contact List

This window shows your list of "Contacts", or friends, in Outerworlds. Your contact list will initially be empty. As you meet people with whom you would like to say in touch, you can add them to your list in one of two ways. You can select Add to contacts from the avatar pop-up menu, or you can right-click in the Contacts window itself and select Add to contacts....

Once in the contact list, a green checkmark next to their name indicates that they are currently in Outerworlds. The world they are currently in is also shown if they have chosen to make that information available (see privacy.) A right-click on their name brings up a menu that allows you to join them, send them a telegram, or view their home page.

To use the contact list, you must be a registered citizen. Tourists cannot maintain contact lists. Also, you cannot add a tourist to your contact list.

You can have up to 100 citizens on your contact list.