The Color Command


    color color [name=name]


The color command assigns a new color to the object. The color is applied to every polygon on the object.

The color argument specifies the color to apply. The color can either be specified as one of many preset word values or as a "raw" hexadecimal value giving the red/green/blue component values (the same format as used for the "BGCOLOR=" tag in HTML).

The optional name argument specifies the name of the object to color. Object names are assigned via the name command.

Note that the color command will not work on objects whose polygons do not have proper light reflection attributes (i.e. as set by the "surface" RWX script command.) A polygon's surface attributes should not exceed full saturation in the current lighting conditions or the effects of the color command will be reduced or eliminated.


    create color red

This creates an object colored entirely red.

    activate color name=water blue

This creates an object which when clicked on changes the color of any objects nearby named "water" to blue.