Citizen Attributes

Your citizen attributes are accessed by selecting Citizen... from the Options Menu.

Note: this dialog may not be available in some universes.

Using this dialog, you can change most of the attributes of your citizen account, including your name, your password, your privilege password, and your email address:

Your Citizen Number

Your citizen number uniquely identifies you, as does your citizen name. It is like an account number. Unlike your citizen name, your citizen number cannot be changed.

Sometimes, people may ask you for your citizen number, for example if they want to add you to a rights list in a world. If you don't know your number, this dialog is the place to look it up.

Changing Your Name

You can change your citizen name at any time. Simply type the new name into the Name field and press OK. If the new name is acceptable to the system, the dialog box will go away. You cannot change your name to a name that is currently in use by another citizen.

Note: you should use caution when changing your citizen name, even for short periods of time. When you change your name, your old name becomes available again to other citizens! Outerworlds can only reserve one name for you at a time, so it is possible for someone else to take your old name after you have switched to a new name, thus preventing you from ever returning to your old name again.

Changing Your Password

You can also change your password at any time. Simply type the new password into both the Password and Confirm password fields and press OK. If your new password is acceptable to the system, the dialog box will go away.

Changing Your Email Address

You can also change the email address associated with your account at any time. Simply enter the new email address and press OK. We encourage you to keep your email address up to date at all times. While not required for citizenship, a valid email address allows us to contact you if there are any problems with your account. Also, this email address must be valid if you ever need to recover a forgotten password.

Setting Your Home Page

Outerworlds 3.1 allows you to set a personal home page. Your home page is a URL to a web page that other citizens can view if they want to know more about you. If you don't have a home page or don't wish to make this information available to others, simply leave this field blank.

The Privilege Password

You only need a privilege password if you want other citizens to acquire the privileges of your account. Click here for more information about sharing privileges. If you don't want anyone to acquire your privileges, we recommend leaving this field blank at all times.

Note: your privilege password cannot be the same as your login password.

Total Time Online

This field displays the total amount of time (in days, hours, minutes, and seconds) that you have spent logged into Active Worlds under this citizenship since the universe was first upgraded to version 3.1. In the main Active Worlds universe, this date was December 1, 2000.

Immigration and Renewal Dates

Finally, the Citizen Attributes dialog shows you the date your citizenship was created in the Immigrated field, and the date at which it will expire in the Renew by field. If the renewal date is less than 30 days away, you will receive a message from the Immigration Officer upon entry to Outerworlds, and a Renew button will appear in the main toolbar for extending your citizenship for another year.