Cell Grid

The "cell grid" feature is useful for builders who are trying to get the most out of a particular world's cell data limit, or for editing terrain in worlds that support terrain. The cell grid can be turned on and off from the Show Menu, or by pressing the F10 key.

"Cells" are 10 by 10 meter areas within a world. All objects and property in a world are organized into cells. Each object exists in one and only one cell at a time. Each cell has a maximum number of objects and data that it can contain, as determined by the current cell data limit as set in the World Features for that world. When this limit is reached, the Building Inspector issues his dreaded warning: "Try building somewhere else because this area is full."

When activated, the cell grid displays as a green wireframe grid overlayed on the world at ground level, showing the boundary of each 10 by 10 meter cell. In addition, the cells containing any object or objects that are currently selected are highlighted in red. As a selected object is moved, the red highlight adjusts to indicate the cell that would contain the object if is placed at the new location.