Building Tips


  • It is harder to make rotated objects line up nicely with each other. Use the SHIFT key to make smaller adjustments in the rotation. You can also use the SHIFT key when you're joining seams between two different types of objects.

  • It is possible to overload an area with too many objects. The limit is pretty high (typically about 40 objects within a 10x10 meter area or "cell"), but if you are building very densely you might occasionally get this message from the infamous Building Inspector: "Try building somewhere else because this area is full." One thing you can do to help avoid this message is to keep the contents of the "Description" and "Action" fields of each object to a minimum, since they both contribute quickly to filling up an area.

  • Whenever possible, use one large object instead of several small ones to cover an area, make a wall, etc. This improves performance and will count less against the area's object limit.

  • If you're considering building next to someone else's property, try to figure out if the other property owner is done or if they are still working. If in doubt, send them a telegram and ask if they'd mind a new neighbor. That little amount of courtesy can save you both a whole lot of grief. Better yet, build somewhere farther out and leave more room for your neighbors to grow. Most of the public building worlds are extremely large so there is plenty of room for everyone.

  • Try to keep your constructions as sparsely built as possible. Less is always more when it comes to performance. Avoid overlaps, use big objects, use the best object for the job, and clean up your mistakes and loose ends before you quit for the day. Too many sounds and animations can also reduce performance and detract from your visitors' experience.

  • Animations will cause the biggest slowdowns in rendering speeds on your (and everyone else's) computer. This will be especially annoying to people who are visiting Outerworlds with a lower-performance PC. Try to avoid placing animations in heavily traveled areas such as near Ground Zero, or close to main streets.