Outerworlds Beta Notes

How to report bugs

Please send your bug reports to Beta@Outerworlds.com. But please, do not send bug reports via telegram under any circumstances!

Important: The single most important thing to keep in mind when making a bug report is that, in order to fix the bug, we must be able to see and reproduce the problem here. If we can't reproduce the problem, we can't determine its cause, and if we can't determine the cause, we can't fix it. Thus, every bug report should be given with all information necessary for someone else to view and reproduce the problem. In particular, if the bug or problem occurs at a particular location, please be sure to include the world name and coordinates of the problem so that we can try to reproduce it. Please do not say "when I run the browser in my world, such-and-such happens" because we don't know which world is yours!

Before reporting any bug involving the 3D rendering of objects and/or worlds, please be sure to review the video problems page for some useful suggestions. Also, please be sure to note whether the problem you are observing is occurring under Direct3D, OpenGL mode, or software mode, and if you have Hardware T&L enabled. If you are having a rendering problem, try reproducing it under the other video modes. Finally, always be sure to mention what kind of video card your system has in your bug report. Keep in mind that 3D rendering glitches are often due to problems in the video card driver itself and cannot be fixed by us.

Also, please note that we can't reply to every bug report and question that we receive. Generally, you will only be contacted about a bug report if we need further information in order to diagnose the problem.

Build 525 Notes (12/02/04)

  • Changed the way CPU throttle was handled, to allow Flash, MP3's, and other media - intensive applications to run more smoothly alongside Outerworlds.
  • Fixed bug where the user may have the incorrect avatar when visiting a world, if they had been using a special avatar on their previous visit.
  • Fixed bug where Ascii sequences were not loaded, if one tag name would be invalid. This was done to reach a similar behavior to the binary format.
  • Fixed the issue that the debug-log file sometimes did not rotate, caused by a timer-value overflow.
  • Fixes the issue that camera movements kept wobbling in 3rd person view.
  • Fixed the bug where switching worlds before a terrain load was complete would break all terrain downloads until the browser was restarted.
  • Fixed bug where, for some users, the worlds column in the worlds tab could become very narrow (1 pixel wide) and would be impossible to expand again.

Build 524 Notes (29/01/04)

This is the first public beta release of Outerworlds 3.5. Again, please send bug reports to Beta@Outerworlds.com.

  • Fixed bug where certain sequences might cause crashes.

The following bugs have been reported and will be fixed in the next release:

  • The columns in the worlds tab window can be made narrow, but it is difficult to make the column a useable width again. It will usually snap back to the narrow width when the user attempts to expand the column.
  • Invite does not work.
  • A user can use a special avatar if they were wearing one on their last visit to a particular world, even if they no longer have rights to use specials.

Build 520 Notes (06/11/03)

  • Attempted bugfix for the issue where clicking on the chat window to follow a link or select text would cause the chat to suddenly scroll to the top.
  • Another attempted fix for the issue where the tab windows would always have a horizontal scrollbar, and the columns would auto-size to slightly larger than the available width.
  • Fixed issue where the tab windows might not be the right size at startup.
  • Fixed bug where search tab would not show up if another tab was disabled.
  • Fixed bug where search tab would not show up if login completed before the tabs window was created.
  • Fixed bug where search window would be blank if login hadn't completed by the time the window was created.

Build 519 Notes (03/11/03)

  • Fixed bug where re-sizing the tab window would, under certain circumstances, cause the window to re-size to a width larger than the current window, making it impossible to get rid of the horizontal scroll bar.
  • Fixed bug where tab windows would be incorrectly sized at startup, usually placing the bottom of the vertical scroll bar off the bottom edge of the window.
  • Fixed bug where leaving only one character in the world options or object properties dialog field would cause the field to be blank.
  • Fixed bug where main window would steal focus when opening up the compose telegram window.
  • The teleport popup now remembers its last location.
  • The way the connection is maintained has been changed, which may lead to smoother avatar updates and more stable connections for some.
  • A new ini option has been added for creating debug logs. Under the [debug] section you may now add an optional value "purge_time = n", where n is the number of seconds of log file you want the browser to keep before a purge. Using this option will limit how big the log can get, which was a problem for some when the log would expand until the hard drive was full. A value between 15 and 60 seconds is recomended. Very small values may make the log file useless, as the log may not have enough information to be useful when the browser crashes.
  • Fixed a bug where using the "flush" option for debug logs might cause a crash.

Build 514 Notes (03/10/01)

  • Fixed several issues where the avatar would be incorrectly set when entering a world, or the avatar would be set but the menu selection would not.
  • Terrain elevation offset is now expressed in meters instead of decameters.
  • Fixed bug where closing the world features dialog with the return key would not save changes for the currently selected item in the dialog.
  • Fixed bug where the world column in the contacts list would be auto-adjusted too wide, which would make impossible to get rid of the horizontal scrollbar if the vertical scrollbar was visible.

Build 513 Notes (03/09/26)

  • Added some space to the bottom of the toolbar to prevent overlap.
  • Added new world option "Show water under terrain". This will disable the use of "transparent edges" that would appear on shallow water, and instead cause the world water to be rendered at a uniform opacity, even underground.
  • Added new world option "Terrain elevation offset". This will move the global terrain up or down by the value given, in decimeters. Note that this is not designed to be used on-the-fly, and changes to this value will not take affect until a terrain update is forced (by moving around).
  • Fixed small memory leak when selecting objects.
  • Avatar selections are now stored seperatly for citizens and tourists, to avoid the bug where switching from citizen to tourist would attempt to use restricted avatars.
  • Fixed bug where citizen name field would be replaced with citizen number when hitting "undo" in the object dialog.
  • Fixed bug where citizen number field would not be reset when hitting "undo" in the object dialog.
  • Fixed bug where the field with user focus would not revert at all when hitting "undo" in the object dialog.

Build 510 Notes (03/08/13)

  • Fixed bug in object dialog where hitting "undo" while editing an empty text box would cause the word "none" to become the actual text of the field.
  • Fix bug where hitting return while editing an object would cloase the dialog but ALSO undo whatever changes had been made.
  • Attempt to fix bug where user can sometimes clip through walls.
  • The current avatar is now stored by object path, not world. This means that you will always use the same avatar for all worlds that share the same path.

Build 509 Notes (03/08/11)

  • Attempt to fix bug where tabs would not grab the edges of the desktop on some systems. Note that this feature does not support multi-monitor setups, and so the tabs will only snap to the "main" desktop.
  • Eliminated wasted space in object dialog
  • Changed how the tabs handle keyboard focus in an attempt to fix the various complaints related to focus and the tab window.

Build 508 Notes (03/08/06)

  • Fixed bug where overhead objects would be un-selectable when standing below default water height.
  • Fixed bug where tabs would give focus to main window, even when they did not have focus. This was stealing focus from the chat line.
  • Tabs now grab onto edges of desktop in addition to the viewport.
  • The CPU throttle has been adjusted for more robust scaling.
  • The current camera mode and view distance are now stored in the ini abd should be remembered the next time the browser starts.
  • Fixed bug where pressing ENTER / RETURN while editing objects would not close the dialog.
  • Fixed bug where closing the object dialog with the close button would not save the object changes.

Build 507 Notes (03/08/04)

  • Fixed bug where web window could not be re-sized under certain conditions.
  • Tabs now "snap" to the edges of the viewport.
  • Fixed bug where user could open multiple teleport dialogs at once
  • Fixed bug where the toolbar drop-down menu button would become stuck in the highlighted state.
  • Fixed bug where users tab would not remember the list sort preference.
  • Added several changes to prevent the tabs from stealing focus from the main window.
  • Title text for the tabs window is now added to the message set
  • Fixed bug where user would have to hit apply twice after using a slider control.
  • Fixed bug where moving the mouse off the left side of a slider would cause the control to move all the way to the right.
  • The slider control should now match the sizing of the other controls in the dialog instead of sticking out of the right side.
  • Edit box for slider control now wide enough to display -1000.
  • Changed message for mouse move tooltip.
  • Added option to remember priv pass when privleges are turned off.
  • Fixed issue where cloud textures were applied "backwards".
  • Added a bit of margin space to the left side of the chat window.

Build 506 Notes (03/08/01)

  • A new feature is in this release that will attmpt to regulate the processor usage of the browser. This should make the browser more stable and less likely to overheat certain processors (particularly mobile CPU's). On our test machines, this had the effect of reducing frame rate by 5% while reducing processor usage by 95%. We are very interested to find out how this affects other machines.
  • Fixed bug where right mouse btn would become "stuck" down when selecting avatars.
  • File transfer uses new popup instead of chat window.
  • Fixed bug where /me would appear in chat bubbles.
  • Fixed bug where scrollbars would be incorrectly sized in tab windows
  • Fixed bug where public speakers would not see their own text in bold.
  • Fixed bug where toolbar would briefly appear during startup, even when it is turned off.
  • AFK now disabled in standalone
  • Fixed bug where objects would jump long distances when dragging them with the mouse.
  • The backdrop fix for old voodoo cards has been removed. This was preventing the gradient sky from working properly.
  • Toolbar images can now be variable size. The button size is the height of the toolbar image divided by 5.
  • Fixed bug where selecting a tab from the toolbar would not unroll the tabs.
  • Fixed bug where tabs would sometimes steal focus from the main window.
  • Fixed bug where colons would tanslate into tabs in the chat window for /me commands.
  • Fixed bug where the users list would become un-sorted after its contents changed.

Build 505 Notes (03/07/31)

  • Fixed bug where tabs would move when rolling / unrolling.
  • Fixed bug where some right-click popup menus wouldn't work in the tab windows.
  • Viewport will now reclaim wasted space if gestures are turned off.
  • Fixed bug where logo would continue to spin even when downloads were complete
  • Fixed bug where user could no longer tab between fields in the world features dialog.
  • Fixed numerous bugs in the object properties dialog.
  • Removed colon from popup menu on users tab
  • Added the ability for users to enter country name on the registration screen.
  • User defined messages in message set are now 1100 - 1199 instead of 1100 - 1119
  • New Message set

Build 504 Notes (03/07/30)

  • Users tab can now show when a user changes their citizen name. (this will require a universe update to take effect)
  • Fixed bug where non-caretakers could still edit the citizen number field in the object dialog
  • Removed the location field of the object dialog. This feature has been moved to 4.0
  • User can now use F5 and F6 to respond to Invite/join popups. If there are multiple popups, these keys will accept/decline for the oldest (top-most) popup in the stack.
  • Fixed bug where citizen name would only display the first time an object was selected
  • Fixed bug where the object dialog would take the focus after selecting an object, forcing the user to click on the main window again before the object could be moved using the keyboard.
  • Removed change from last version where the camera would not resize when the 3d viewport was resized. This was intended to avoid the slowdowns and crashes associated with changing the viewport size. Instead....
  • The tabs window is now a floating window. It can still be hidden/shown using F9, and can be "rolled up" by double-clicking the title bar.

Build 503 Notes (03/07/28)

  • World Features, keyboard config, and object properties should now give more space to the input fields and waste less space on the left side, where the labels are.
  • Fixed bug where text boxes wouldn't wrap long lines.
  • Fixed bug where citizen name wouldn't show in the object properties dialog
  • Fixed bug where app would crash if the toolbar.cfg was missing.
  • Fixed bug where user would get an incorrect notice that mipmap settings had been changed in the options dialog
  • Changed the way memory is handled when the main 3d viewport is re-sized. This should make the application more stable, and less likely to run out of video memory, but use more video memory overall.

Build 502 Notes (03/07/25)

  • The old toolbar has been replaced with a new, configurable toolbar. While this is intended for other univereses that require custom interfaces, the ability is available to all users. The toolbar is defined in the toolbar.cfg in the /default directory (under your Outerworlds directory). See below for information about this file. The image used for the toolbar is selectable under options -> settings -> advanced.
  • Users may now assign the different camera modes to specific keys, eliminating the need to cycle through the camera modes looking for the desired view.
  • Individual tabs in the tabs interface can be removed. Again, this feature is intended for custom universes, but is available for users that wish to experiment with it. The contraols.ini in the /default directory contains options that will show/hide various interface elements. The web controls and whisper box may also be added/removed via this file.
  • The new "users" tab will list all users currently logged into the universe, and will also list bots for universe administrators. Note that this tab will probably NOT be supported in the main universe, but may be used in other universes, and will be enabled in the test universe.
  • A new option is available on the users and contacts tab: users may now invite others to join them at their current location. This works much like a join, except that the other user will teleport to your location, instead of you teleporting to theirs.
  • Join and invite prompts will now appear as stacking popups instead of inserting themselves into the chat winodw where they interrupt chat. The popups disappear once the invitation expires. This also allows the users to see all pending invitations at once.
  • Fixed a bug where tourists could appear as any avatar in the list if the avatar list was closed and controlled by a bot.
  • Added a change intended to fix the issue introduced in 3.4 where the backdrop would render in front of the scene.
  • Fixed bug where closing a branch in the world features dialog could cause items to become un-aligned.
  • The new 3.4 dialogs such as world features and key config should now remember their last position.
  • Several user-defined messages have been added to the message set. Messages 1100 through 1119 can be set by someone (usually the unverse administrator, prior to distributing the software) Right now the only use for these messages are as tooltips for the new configurable toolbar.
  • The downloads box is now smaller, and will show progresss bars for each item being downloaded.
  • Web page urls can now read content from a local directory. prefacing a URL with "local:" will cuase the browser to look from content in the "/default/web" directory. For example, "Activate url local:mypage.html" will look for "C:\Outerworlds\default\web\mypage.html". This is really only useful for universe admins who want to pre-load web content for users.
  • The object properties dialog has been changed. IT should function as before, with the added feature that it will show the location of the currently selected object.
  • Several slash commands have been added to the chat interface:
    1. /whisper username, message - users may whisper to another user without using the whisper box. Just type /whisper, followed by the target's name, followed by a comma, and then your message.
    2. /join [citnumber] - Type /join followed by the citizen number to send a join request to that user.
    3. /teleport location - just enter /teleport followed by the location you wish to go. For example, "/teleport aw 1n 0w" or "/teleport 100s 223n 10a" Any valid teleport location should work.
    4. /me emote - enter /me followed by an action to have that shown in the chat window. For example, if your username is "Bob" and you enter "/me waves goodbye", then the chat window will display "Bob waves goodbye".

    NOTE: These chat commands may be removed or changed during testing.

    In addition, any of the toolbar button commands list below can be used as a /slash command. For example, /world_features will cause the world features dialog to open. This option was added during testing and is not likely to remain as a feature in 3.5.

    More info on the toolbar.cfg file

    The new toolbar will load the toolbar_image.bmp from the /default directory. This image is divided into 32x32 images to be used as toolbar buttons. The buttons are numbered horizontally starting with 0 on the left. The image file is divided into four rows as follows:

    Row 1: Image of button in its normal, unpressed state.

    Row 2: Image of button pressed

    Row 3: Image of button in its normal, unpressed state with mouseover.

    Row 4: Image of button pressed, with mouseover

    Open the toolbar_image.bmp to see how this works.

    Each line in the toolbar.cfg file will define a button on the toolbar. Each line has the following format:

    [action] [image number] [tooltip message] [special id number]

    [Action] can be any of the possible toolbar actions from the list. (see below)

    [image number] is the index of the image from the toolbar_image.bmp

    [tooltip message] is the index of the message from the message set that should be used for the tooltip. This message is displayed when the user hovers the mouse over the given button. The custom messages (1100 - 1119) are particularly useful for this. This field is optional.

    [special id number] is only used with buttons using the sdk_event action. The browser will send this id number with an sdk_event to the server to perform some custom action to be handled by a bot in the world. (for example "show map" or "open inventory", where the bot can respond by sending the user the appropriate url) Here is the list of possible actions for the toolbar: