Outerworlds 3D

Outerworlds  contains the following new features and changes:

New Features:

  • Embedded media player allows you to play streaming and non-streaming media within a 3D scene.

    Video and audio files as well as live video or audio feeds can be assigned to sign-objects. When the media is starting, a status display shows the connection status during buffering or loading. Connection error messages appear for a few seconds, before the sign text is shown again. An optional on-screen display shows additional info to the presented content.

    Refer to the media command for more detailed information. 


Windows Media Player™ version 6.4 or higher, version 9 recommended. 



Other changes:

  • Disable Local Teleports world option also disables Local Invites.
  • Limit the amount of selected objects to 128 to prevent world disconnects. The more objects are selected at once, the longer the interval to duplicate all the selected object is.


  • Fixed flashing chat input while in mouse mode and world attributes change.
  • Display chat-input window always in grey, if chat is not enabled (e.g. if user does not have speak rights, or in mouse mode).
  • Fixed issue where worlds list would be too narrow by default.
  • Fixed issue "Register" button would be partly hidden if the gesture-bar is off.
  • Fixed issue where toolbar would paint over the logo when resizing the main window.
  • Fixed issue where telegram-list would not scroll to last telegram, when control tab was rolled-up.