Avatar pop-up menu

The avatar "pop-up" menu can be invoked in one of two ways: you can right-click with the mouse directly on an avatar in the 3D window, or you can right-click on a line of chat text in the chat window to bring up the avatar menu for that user.

The various options available on this menu depend on what rights you have and what type of user they are:

The top line of the menu identifies the name of the user you clicked on. If the user is a citizen, it also displays their citizen number. If the user is a bot, it displays the citizen number of the bot's owner. Citizen number and bot owner information is only available if the world server is running version 3.1 or later. The other menu options are as follows:


Allows you to mute the user. When a user is muted, you no longer receive any of their chat messages.


Allows you to whisper to the user. Whispers are private chat messages that only the recipient sees.

Add to contacts

This option is enabled if the user is a citizen. It adds them to your contact list.


This option is enabled if you have eject rights in the world. It allows you to eject the user from the world.

View Home Page

This option is new in Outerworlds 3.1 and is enabled if the user is a citizen. It allows you to view their home page if they have one set.

Look up citizen...

This final option is only enabled for universe administrators and if the user is a citizen. It opens the citizens dialog and looks up the user's account.