Advanced Settings

The Advanced settings are accessed from the Settings dialog.


This section allows you to choose which message file is currently in use. The most common type of message file is a language file which contains most of the Outerworlds text messages translated into a different language.

To change the current language or message file, simply click on the drop-down list and make your selection from the list.

Local Path

Warning: if you are using a CD-ROM distribution of Outerworlds (such as the Outerworlds "High Rez" CD), do not adjust the Local Path option or your CD-ROM may cease to function properly!

This option is typically only used by artists working on Outerworlds art files. However it may also be in use if you are using a CD-ROM distribution of Outerworlds.

The Local Path specifies a directory on your PC where Outerworlds should look for art files before attempting to download them from the World Wide Web. If a file is found in the Local Path, it will always be used instead of the equivalent file on the world's object path.

The structure of the Local Path directory mirrors that of the World Wide Web. The top level of the directory contains one or more folders that are named after the web site they are overriding. There are certain characters that may be present in URLs that are not valid in file names; these characters should be replaced with a hyphen ('-'). Under each top-level directory should be a folder hierarchy that mirrors the web directory hierarchy exactly. In fact, if the objects in your world are hosted on your PC, the Local Path can be set to the same directory as the one serving your objects.

Example: say the object path of your world is "" and you want to use a Local Path to override some of these files. You could set your Local Path to "C:\awart", and in the folder "awart" you would create a folder called "", and under that a folder called "myobjects", and under that, one or more of the standard Outerworlds object path folders ("models", "textures", etc.). Finally, each of these files would contain copies of the files that you want to override (e.g. "" in the models folder, or "brick.jpg" in the textures folder).

The CD-ROM check box indicates that the Local Path is a CD-ROM. This will cause Outerworlds to search your system for a CD-ROM drive, and possibly change the Local Path automatically to reflect the current location of the CD-ROM drive.

Object Errors

If you are creating your own objects for use in Outerworlds, you may want to enable this option in order to help with debugging your objects. If this option is enabled and the object loader encounters a problem in an object, it will print a message listing the object name, the line number (if relevant) and a description of the problem to the chat history window.