Moving worlds

Sometimes it is necessary to move a world from one world server to another. The process for moving worlds between servers is straighforward, but should be done carefully, and as is always the case when working with valuable data, backups should always be made of everything beforehand in case of any unexpected mishaps. To move a world, all your need is an atdump and a propdump of that world.

Dumping from a 3.1 or later server

If the world to be moved is currently in a 3.1 or later world server, use the administration tool's Save Attributes and Save Property features to generate these files. For the purposes of these instructions, save the attributes in a file called atdump.txt and the property in a file called propdump.txt. After dumping the world, be sure to stop the world in the old server so that you can start it again in the new server.

Dumping from a 3.0 or earlier server

If the world to be moved is currently located in a version 3.0 or earlier world server, you will need to use the server's standalone atdump and propdump utilities to generate these files. First, make sure the world server is not running. If it is, stop it by either pressing Ctrl-C in its console window under Windows, or using the kill command under Unix. Then, go the Outerworlds Server directory and type:

atdump > atdump.txt
propdump > propdump.txt

Loading the world to a 3.1 or later server

Make sure that the new server is running. Then from the 3.1 server adminstration tool, add the configuration information for the world to the new server. Finally, use the Load Property and Load Attributes features to upload the atdump.txt and propdump.txt files you generated above to the new world. If you generated the atdump.txt and propdump.txt files on a different machine from the administration tool, use a file transfer program such as an FTP client to first transfer the files from the remote to the local machine (don't forget to transfer the files in ASCII mode!)

That's it! The world has now been moved to the new server. After verifying that the move was successful and the new world is running properly, you may want to delete the world from the old server, if it is still running.