Outerworlds Server Administration Tool

The primary method for administering an Outerworlds server is through the Administration Tool. The Administration Tool allows you to administer both local and remote world servers from a simple Windows interface:

For a world server running under Windows, the Administration Tool is launched by right-clicking on the world server icon in the Windows system tray and selecting Administer... For a world server running under Unix, the Administration Tool must be downloaded and installed separately to a Windows system, and then configured to access the world server as a remote server.

A single installation of the Administration Tool can control any number of worlds running in any number of servers on any number of hosts. The tool connects to and controls only one server at a time, but you can easily switch between existing servers and add new ones from the Server menu.

Once connected to a server, the interface allows you to do many common server administration tasks, all without having to restart the server:

Adding a world

You can add a new world to an existing world server at any time. All you need is a valid world name/password combination.

Changing a world

You can edit the properties (e.g. add a registry, edit the caretaker list, etc.) of an existing world by right-clicking on the world and selecting Properties...

Deleting a world

You can also delete worlds that are no longer in use.

Propdumps and atdumps

You can create propdumps and atdumps from any world at any time. You can also upload propdumps and upload atdumps. Neither the server nor the individual worlds needs to be stopped during this process.

Reloading registries

If a new object registry has been uploaded for a world, you can have the world reload the registry on the fly.