3-Axis Object Rotation

In Outerworlds 3.3 you now have the ability to rotate objects around the X, Y, and Z axes while building. Previous versions only supported rotation around the Y-axis. With 3-axis rotation, objects can be placed in-world at any arbitrary orientation.

This feature requires both a 3.3 browser and 3.3 world server. In order to use 3-axis object rotation in a world it must first be enabled from the world features dialog.

It is important to note that the registry and encroachment detection system used by the world server to prevent vandalism does not currently take into account the change in an object's footprint that can result from rotating it around the X or Z axis. Thus, this feature is not appropriate for use in public building worlds that use a registry to prevent encroachment and vandalism.

When an object is selected for building, 3.3 displays a wireframe XYZ axis for the object to help with determining its current orientation.

Once enabled in a world, axis rotation for an object can be achieved in one of two ways: you can left-click on a selected object and drag to free-rotate the object around all axes, or you can use the keyboard. The mouse is good for freeform adjustments, but to get precise rotations you will need to use the numeric keypad on the keyboard:

The Home and End keys rotate the selected object or objects around the Z axis.

The / and * keys rotate the selected object or objects around the X axis.

The 5 key on the numeric keypad removes all axis rotation from the object.

Note that these functions are also all available from the toolbar and menu of the object properites dialog that appears when an object is selected.

As with the other building commands, you can use the SHIFT and CTRL keys is combination with the keyboard commands to reduce the degree of rotation. By default, each keypress rotates the object by an additional 15 degrees. If SHIFT is held down, the object is rotated by 1.5 degress. If CTRL and SHIFT is held down, the object is rotated by 0.1 degrees, the smallest possible increment of rotation supported by Outerworlds.